When you’re in a live directed session with a client, try not to get carried away with personal things *before* you begin.

Obviously, keep it pleasant and be nice with the engineer (because they’re the real superheroes here), but don’t say anything out loud to them that you wouldn’t want repeated elsewhere.

Sounds pretty straightforward and common sense, but you would be surprised…

On a personal basis with them? That’s cool, too! I’ve got clients and work with engineers at studios who are also friends. But keep in mind that *their* client could join the call at any moment, so be a pal and be a pro.

At the end of the day, you’re the super talent that you know you are and they hired you to be.

Then once the call is over, go back to your usual shenanigans and silliness. The world needs all the laughter it can take right now 🙂