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working with Bonnie is a SUPER decision!

See what others say about working with The Voiceover Superhero. Read testimonials from happy clients below.

“I know when I hire you, you deliver quality material. You’re a dream to work with more people should have that experience. Hire this talent!”
– Jeff, Director

“As always, you’re the best! Awesome work and speed of delivery 😊”
– Craig, Creative Director

“Bonnie, you’re truly a champion of the people. Thank you!”
– Steve, Creative Director

“It’s nice working with talent who know what they’re doing.”
– Andy, Creative Director

“She does amazing voice work and, as a screenwriter, would be my go to for voices. She “gets” the text immediately!”
– Mac, Screenwriter & Playwright

Bonnie is a Master of the arts. Whether it be voiceovers, theatre acting, or comedy, Ms. Williams is a giant! Her range exceeds any I have ever known. And her commitment is unmatched! She is an inspiration to all who know her, and she excels at anything she puts her heart to.
Anne Johnstonbrown, Author/Director of LYMAN the Musical, Author of “The 10 Commandments of Theater” (Smith & Kraus Pub., 2007)

“We absolutely love your voice, performance and audio quality and will definitely keep you on our roster for future projects.”
– Ben, project manager

“I first met Bonnie at an outdoor film shoot and was impressed by her wonderful presence, kindness and intelligence on the set. Her problem-solving skills and decisive action actually saved the shoot. Her professionalism and dedication are remarkable, and I would highly recommend her as a valuable presence and problem-solver in any professional capacity. And she’s funny!
Martin Olson, Disney staff writer, author of “Encyclopaedia of Hell”

“Amazing! Thanks for the fast turn-around.”
– Josh, Director

“You were super easy to work with and very responsive throughout the entire project from audition to final delivery.”
– Andrea, Director

“I still remember your site branding by the way; in case you were wondering if its working, I think it is! So many ways of branding ourselves and our companies and so many ways it can go wrong… so you have a W for that!”
– Brandon, Audio Engineer

“Bonnie is always super responsive and turns around projects quickly and efficiently. She provides multiple reads with her very approachable voice that is great for a wide variety of projects!” 
Carl, Producer 

We are happy to work with you too!! Thank you so much! Great voiceover! 5 stars”
– Ricardo, Producer

“Bonnie is Great! Love working with her. Super professional, punctual and just gets it… Thanks Bonnie!”
– Paulo, Producer

“Bonnie’s practical and down home approach, I believe, is largely responsible for the dramatic increase in guest attendance. She is easy to work with, thinks creatively, and effectively communicates her ideas. She has been a true game changer… and she has my highest endorsement.” 
– David Bertolino, Producer, When Harry Met Linda LLC

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