Meet the supergirl behind the mic!

While training for her BA in Theatre Arts, stage-trained Bonnie Marie Williams was asked to do an on-air commercial for the campus radio station. It was her first time behind the mic, but she didn’t give it much thought beyond, “Hey, that was fun!” Soon enough, after being recruited by two colleagues to give this whole “voiceover” thing a fair try, she was struck by a bolt of VO lightning and her superpowers began to emerge. She knows that “with great voice, comes great responsibility” and takes her duties as the Voiceover Superhero seriously.

Bonnie specializes in character voices, from the young to the young at heart, and everything in the middle. Many clients comment how much they appreciate her ability to nail her read on the first take! She holds her bachelors’ degree in Theatre Arts and has spent the last 25 years as an actor. Bonnie knows how to take direction, and she makes sure you’re getting the right voice and read for your work.

Her studio has more gear than Batman’s utility belt, including Neumann TLM-103 and Sennheiser MKH-416 microphones, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, Adobe Audition, and a lot of geeky memorabilia that makes it the coolest place to work, every day. Looking for ways to connect and direct a live session? She’s got Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and the good old-fashioned phone patch (these methods are more recommended than a signal in the sky… especially during the day time)

Wanna be friends and bridge the gap from her studio to yours?
Call (310) 622 – 5357, send an email to,
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Bonnie Marie Williams has been acting for over 20 years in the theatre & on stage, in television, film, and voiceover. Looking for that conversational, girl-next-door voice? Just call her Clark Kent. How about kid voices, playing young girls and boys? Check and check. Narration, eLearning, commercials, audiobook, animation, explainer narration, message on hold & IVR — you name it, she does it. Her youthful, sincere, charming, quirky voice has hints of Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, Amy Poehler (mostly as Leslie Knope), and a dash of Scarlett Johansson.

Maybe you’re looking for a male voice talent for your project? She’s got you covered, helping clients cast projects from a vast network of professional voice actors to call on. She believes in collaboration – not competition – among fellow voice actors, and that teamwork makes the dream work.

Not to worry, noble citizen. You’re in good hands. She’s been doing this for years.