every superhero has an origin story

The Voiceover Superhero’s began in the Theatre.

The running joke in her childhood home is that Bonnie’s mom knew she was going to be an actor before she did. When she caught her “practicing her faces and expressions” in the bathroom mirror (while standing on the countertop) at three years old, she knew it was only a matter of time. It was no surprise, since members of Bonnie’s family were involved in showbiz and worked at the nearby Paramount Studios, but they let her come to the conclusion naturally.

Growing up, Bonnie was involved in the arts and worked behind the scenes, starting in the props department of local productions at age nine. At this time, she also wrote plays and musicals to perform at her after-school childcare center, with the involvement of a very encouraging and patient teacher who agreed to help her direct the shows on the stage in their building (convenient, no?) She went on to act in plays at her middle school and was involved in the drama club after school.

As many teenagers do, Bonnie began to become more shy and reserved towards her freshman year of high school, and lost a lot of  self-confidence. She began to work more behind-the-scenes, doing everything from assisting stage managers to scenic painting. It wasn’t until her sophomore year when her drama teacher encouraged her to try out for the fall play that she began to get her groove back. She auditioned and landed a role as the butler in a Sherlock Holmes play and felt at home onstage again. She felt the bite from the radioactive theatre bug once more, and never looked back.

The years to come would bring more leading roles onstage, while continuing to work backstage in scenic painting, theatre management, and costumes, eventually becoming the Artistic Director at the Grand Terrace Community Players. She loved learning about the process of putting on a play, from the page to the stage.

Bonnie received her BA in Theatre Arts with an acting concentration from California State University, San Bernardino in 2011 and went on to do theatre throughout Los Angeles, and act in television and film, while working for producers and in PR. While training for her BA, she was asked to do an on-air commercial for the campus radio station by a friend and classmate. It was her first time behind the mic, but she didn’t give it much thought beyond, “Hey, that was fun!” With encouragement from two friends in the industry, she gave voice over a true shot. She pursued it full-time, training with big names in the industry,  and her superpowers began to emerge.

Not too long after, life took a few twists and turns and she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. It was time to find community in a new place, and for a rebrand. The Voiceover Superhero was born, and “with great voice, comes great responsibility” became her daily business and creative motto.

Since moving from Los Angeles to Raleigh, Bonnie has found her theatre family in the Carolinas. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors at the North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre as chair of the Marketing Committee, has taught Acting I and II classes, and is currently teaching Intro to Voiceover to kids and teens. For class information, please visit www.nract.org

Along with teaching at NRACT, Bonnie has most recently performed in “Previously Owned” by Carol Torian for the Raleigh Film and Art Festival, “Coming Back for Me” by Amy Da Luz, the winner of Project Chrysalis 2.0 with the Cary Playwrights’ Forum, “The Scarlet Later” and “Newsapalooza!” by Larry Bliss for the Raleigh Film and Art Festival in 2020. She also directed “New Age Farewells” by Susan Steadman as part of the North Carolina 10by10 Virtual Play Festival, in association with Odyssey Stage Theatre and Cary Playwrights’ Forum. You can also find her performing monthly at the “Sips & Scripts” staged readings by Yvette Holder for local playwrights and actors.

Bonnie Marie Williams is one of Raleigh, North Carolina’s most sought-after voice actors, and rightfully so. Bonnie has been acting for over 20 years in the theatre & on stage, in television, film, and voiceover. Looking for that conversational, girl-next-door voice? Just call her Clark Kent. How about kid voices, playing young girls and boys? Check and check. Narration, eLearning, commercials, audiobook, animation, explainer narration, message on hold & IVR — you name it, she does it. Her youthful, sincere, charming, quirky voice has hints of Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, Amy Poehler (mostly as Leslie Knope), and a dash of Scarlett Johansson.

Maybe you’re looking for a male voice talent for your project? She’s got you covered, helping clients cast projects from a vast network of professional voice actors to call on. She believes in collaboration – not competition – among fellow voice actors, and that teamwork makes the dream work.

Theatrical Roles Include

Isabel* in Gilbert & Sullivan’s "The Pirates of Penzance"

Much Ado About Nothing

Almost, Maine

Ruth Hunsdorfer* in The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds


Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Disco! by An American Mansion

Seeing the Thing - Almost, Maine

Margaret* in "Much Ado About Nothing"

Theatre Showcase

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

The Adventures of Ultra Guy

"Her Heart" - Almost, Maine*

Jan in "Grease!"

Nurse Bambi at the Lee Strasberg Institute

Serial Killers

* denotes an award-winning role