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Why the Voiceover Superhero?

A fellow VO colleague asked me how my branding is working for me in my business and said that they were thinking of doing something similar until they were advised against it by someone outside the industry. Had this been me ten years ago, I would’ve re-evaluated my whole brand and gone into a “Did […]

Is it REALLY your dream?

Is your life’s dream really, and I mean REALLY your dream? At the risk of using the word REALLY twelve more times, I’ll put it this way: is it your dream in theory or in practice?  When people learn what it is that I do or we get to talking about it, quite a few tell me that their […]

Have You Gone Off Track?

Most people lose their momentum and drive to fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions by mid-February. Are you still moving forward, or have your goals fallen by the waysides? If you feel like you’ve been off your game for a while, you’re not alone. Getting back on track with anything can feel overwhelming, but you can […]