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if it seems too good to be true…

I failed 😬 Instead of pretending it didn’t happen, we’re gonna talk about it because I think there’s a lesson to be learned here. I recently shared a picture on my Instagram of my booth with my new mic. It got a lot of engagement and really hyped me up, and I was so excited […]


With permission and reposted from my friend and colleague (and overall badass) Brigid Reale. The original Facebook post can be found here. LONG & HOPEFULLY HELPFUL POST WARNING Something I (and many of my fellow Voice Actors) hear often is “How do I get into/break into voiceover? People always tell me I have a great […]

Marketing Woes and Foes in 2020, Part One

There are many “social media marketing gurus” out there, and just as many, if not more, influencers with massive followings selling you something every time you refresh your feed. How can you tell if they’re legit?Enter: SocialBlade. This nifty site allows you to look at the analytics for users on social media platforms from Youtube […]

living well is the best revenge?

When I was younger and talked about how people often told me I wasn’t good/smart/pretty/thin enough to be an actor, my dad would say that living well was the best revenge. Now that I’m older, I think he was mostly right. But I’d say living well could also be: living truthfully, following your own path, […]

My NC Directing debut!

Last chance! If you missed “New Age Farewells” by Susan M. Steadman and the rest of these fantastic plays as part of the NC 10 by 10 Play Festival last weekend… tomorrow is your final chance to watch! Admission to the play festival is pay what you can, and it all goes to support the […]