Buffy Summers, the voice of my internal monologue

Let’s talk about free time. How much free time do you have? Or should I say, how much free time do you allow yourself? Is free time a myth?

(In the words of my girl Buffy Summers, “Well, you were myth-taken.”)

I’m an anxious-perfectionist-workaholic who loves their job but constantly feels *behind* on everything there is to do, and sometimes I have a hard time taking a day off without feeling guilty. Yes, I’m working on it…

Someone recently asked me what my hobbies were and I thought, “Ummm… I hang out with my dog, I like to work out, I drink too much coffee, and I love cooking and baking?” but kind of drew a blank thinking of anything else.

So here’s to more self-care and non-work hobbies in 2022! And please drop some ideas and/or suggestions in the comments, I’d love to hear them!