I saw a negative review for a project I worked on.

Not only did they critique my performance, but also went after my voice, calling it the most annoying sound they’ve ever heard.

The. Most. Annoying. Sound. They’ve. Ever. Heard.

My voice.

The thing I use to make a living.


I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting a little.

As much as we can pretend to not care when something someone says hurts us, that’s exactly it… we’re just pretending.

We’re still human. We still want to be liked by others. We still feel.

I’ve been an actor for a long time. I know the ins and outs of rejection and not being the right “fit” for a project. I’m no stranger to reading reviews and feedback from directors and critics alike.
There’s absolutely something to be said for constructive criticism and learning where we could improve, especially when it comes to our craft. As an actor, you’ve got to be directable.

Generally speaking, I think we should strive to be better and grow where we can.

But sometimes, we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.
And that’s okay.

Because I’m a coffee drinker.
But seriously.

Don’t let the world dim your shine because of a bad day or a bad review.

Because the people who DO love you for who you are, the clients who DO love your voice and your work, and the world… well, they need you to be your authentic self. To give what you’ve got and keep showing up.

Shine on, my friends 💜