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What do you keep in your utility belt?

For anyone interested in voice acting, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your daily vocal care routine. You want to be prepared for when your voice gets strained and take note of any symptoms. And when that happens, you’ll need an important tool to help ease the strain on your voice. But what if […]

What are hobbies again?

Let’s talk about free time. How much free time do you have? Or should I say, how much free time do you allow yourself? Is free time a myth? (In the words of my girl Buffy Summers, “Well, you were myth-taken.”) I’m an anxious-perfectionist-workaholic who loves their job but constantly feels *behind* on everything there […]


the most annoying sound in the world

I saw a negative review for a project I worked on. Not only did they critique my performance, but also went after my voice, calling it the most annoying sound they’ve ever heard. The. Most. Annoying. Sound. They’ve. Ever. Heard. My voice. The thing I use to make a living. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I’d be lying if […]


how to find the funny in your script and life!

Laughter is a gift, and how lucky are we to receive it in the form of comedy! I had a great time with Anne Ganguzza and the VIPeeps teaching a class all about Finding the Funny in your scripts. We dove into character archetypes, elements of comedy, why the truth is funny, how people process […]

who was your first superhero?

Who was your first superhero? Mine was my dad. I don’t talk about him a lot, mainly because I don’t like the idea of making people feel bad for me, and I don’t thrive on the sympathy.Another reason is that others have tried to use it as a weapon against me; saying I’m “less than” […]