Real talk, friends.

I’ve been really tired lately. A lot has been going on. From teaching a camp all day long and then working at night – it’s been nonstop. I’m making plans for big moves. I’m trying to figure out the future.

I’ve missed all of my workouts since Monday. Normally I’d be really upset with myself for choosing to sleep in for an extra hour versus getting that done before work.

But I’m doing what my therapist has been trying to get me to do for two years now: show myself some grace and chill a little bit.

Not all of my progress will be undone in three days.

Getting a little extra rest might pay off for my own mental health, my physical health, and make me a better teacher for my kiddos this week. It might even help me have more energy for the other people in my life who need me.

And it’s okay.

So to my fellow Type 1 enneagrams and perfectionists, I see you and I give you permission to breathe and rest for a little bit.