“You’re selfish.”

If that’s the voice of your inner critic, too – maybe take a step back and think. Is that YOUR voice or someone else’s?

Chances are it’s not yours but someone close to you, who you loved, who called you that. Maybe more than one person.

I once read that our meanest inner criticisms are not things we’ve thought about ourselves, but what someone else has called us. Makes sense, right?

So… are you selfish for taking care of yourSELF?

No… At least, not the “bad” kind we focus on in society when we think of the word “selfish.”

Doing what lights you up, what makes you happy, what makes you a better YOU is not the bad kind of selfish.

Being a better version of yourself makes you better for the people you love.

If you can’t take care of yourself, how on earth can you take care of anyone else?

Take back the power.

The next time your inner critic pipes up and calls you selfish when you’re pursuing your dreams, you can always respond with, “Yeah – I am. But this isn’t your story. This is mine.”

Or… Think of something cool, pretend I said it.

I believe in you 💜